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Default Canon Confusion

I had an old Canon 5 megapixel S60 that took beautiful pictures until a drowning accident this summer. I rarely shot in anything other than automatic modes and it was hard to take a bad picture.

I'm returning a Panasonic ZS7 because I thought the image quality and low light shooting didn't compare to my old Canon. I also felt like I missed some shots, maybe slow shutter or maybe I didn't have settings correct. I'm definitely going back to Canon and here are the models that I'm considering, SD4500, S95, SD4000.

I'm struggling because I would like to have a little stronger zoom than my S60. I shoot photos of pets, people (party photos), and landscapes at times. (We live on a mountain and have panoramic views, so I experimented with stitch assist with the Canon software.) I think I liked the wider angle, 28 mm. I also volunteer at a big cat rescue sanctuary so I really like the idea of HD video and being able to zoom in the video mode. All that being said, none of these wants are deal breakers because I don't want to sacrifice consistent image quality and color. I don't want to have to Photoshop or have to tweak the photos alot either.

I'm really drawn to the SD4500 because of the zoom and HD video. I don't know exactly what I lose going from 28mm to 36mm? Is the lens fast enough to capture pets and kids?

The S95 is probably the replacement for the S60. The zoom isn't as powerful as the Sd4500. Since I use mainly as point and shoot/automatic, wouldn't this be overkill?

What about the SD4000?

I've read reviews till I'm blue in the face and don't feel I'm any closer to a decision. Any input you can give me on these 3 cameras is greatly appreciated. Confused
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