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Originally Posted by Seb74
Ok, thank you very much
I'm not used to manual cameras....what autofocus is most used?
Is it single autofocus that is most common and useful or?

Do you have one yourself and know for a fact that autofocus really works in movie-mode?
Yes, I do have this camera but it's my first and I'm totally new to photography. A correction to what I said earlier, the continuous focus does autofocus continuously without having to press anything. But the freeze still happens when you half press.

I guess continuous autofocus is better for tracking moving subjects and the manual states that it can be more power consuming than single autofocus.

I'm pretty sure the movie works in autofocus and I don't think you can use manual focus in this mode. When the manual focus is button is pressed, it locks the current focus instead. I will check on this. Here's a compressed divX sample (sorry, I don't have much space to host the file). Its zoomed at a very close range, so the autofocus keeps readjusting.

Autofocus don't always work very well in contrasting background. Manual focus can help but it also depends on the background to focus correctly. In manual focus, the AF frame is zoomed in allowing you to adjust the focus. The zoom looks digital and pixelated so it can be hard to judge the sharpness at times. However, you can combine the use manual and autofocus to fine tune it.

Here's a shot(bad) which I tried to use autofocus on. The leaves get focused even though the AF frame was targetted on the bird. It flew away before I had a chance to manual focus
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