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Default New a500 Locks up/turns off after pushing shutter

Just purchased a new a500 and was excited to receive it via UPS. My problem is that while the camera turns on and seems to function normally, as soon as I push the shutter to take a picture, the camera locks up/turns off. It will not turn on again unless I remove the battery, place it back in the charger and then turn the camera on again (Note: simply removing the battery and reinsering it doesn't work. It must be put back in the charger). The battery meter in the camera shows 100% each time I replace it.

Any ideas on what may be causing this? I bought the camera to use to record my son's sate championship meet this weekend and would be very disappointed if I could not use it.

Could this be a battery problem (note this is the battery that came with the camera body, stock Sony NP-FM500H).

Any help greatly appreciated!
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