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Wow, thanks a lot
Posting vids and pics, thats great, thanks.

About the picture, I guess its hard using 10x zoom on those kind of targets cause the depth of field gets so small when zooming so much on close range. Strange though that it didn't lock on the bird.
I dont get it why cameras have to be so bad on it really that hard to make a good autofocus? Well maybe it is I dont know

Anyway, do you think its a major problem? Does it often happen you have to delete pics that get all to blurry?
The camera seems great, but I guess these focusingproblems can be a pain in the ass sometimes....although probably all 10x zoom cameras have them, but almost no others have this great movie-mode and IS....

And I really dont get that continous autofocus mode and the display-freezing, I really dont.
I mean, with continous focus it always tries to obtain focus, no matter if you half-press or not. But then when you take the shot (or half press) it freezes. WHY WHY WHY???
It freezes cause it focuses the target, but thats exactly what it did before also all the time. I really dont make some sense it would constantly freeze during continous autofocus, whatever you do.
Do you get what I'm trying to say?

Oh, by the way, as someone else asked in some other thread, it would of course be really really great if you could use movie-mode (highest quality of course) and record directly to pc using USB, just like it says you CAN take pictures from pc and get them directly to harddrive and dont have to worry about the small card filling up.
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