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Default High-pitched sound on 1080p soundtrack?

Hi all

Playing back 1080p video, there's a very high-pitched 'ticking' noise present on the audio track. It's not very loud, but loud enough when filming quiet movies.

Has anyone else heard this? I just spoke to Fuji UK and they say they have the same thing on the HS10 and other models as well.

<edit> I was sitting in a very quiet room mucking around with the camera, and realised that the HS10 makes this noise *all the time* - it's right at the edge of my hearing range, and ticks (or 'chirps') 220 times a minute. So if it's turned on, in still or video mode, it's chirping. No wonder it ends up on the soundtrack.

Apparently they send a monthly report to Japan with lists of customer complaints - if we get this prioritised it might get attention.

You can email [email protected] to register your desire to see this fixed.

Also how do I get 1.03? is there a build floating round out there? Is it worth it? Fuji advise it exists but isn't on their site yet. Mine arrived last week with 1.02 :-(



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