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Mine just arrived. Very nice!

The zoom ring is a little overtightened compared to the zoom action of the 70-300, which is smooth as butter and actually nicer than th 50-200 SWD, but I think I actually like the "feel" of this lens fine. Getting out and shooting with it will give a better idea. The 50-200's zoom action is a little tight and jerky compared to the 70-300, I believe, because of the water-resistent construction and necessary rubber seals to keep the weather elements out.

I see the optional hood for this lens is the same one used on the 4/3rd's version, so I already have it!

With this first "nicer" Olympus micro lens (compared to the kit 14-42) I have owned, combined with the Panny 20/1.7 and looking at the 14-150 and 9-18 lenses last week have me convinced the much better route with the Pen cameras is in buying these dedicated lenses which, honest, was what I was thinking anyway. As well as the 4/3rd's lenses do, these better-quality, much smaller/lighter micro lenses are the way to go, and I definitely prefer keeping full access to all camera functions vs. using an adapted manual lens.

The AF on this micro 40-150 is deadly silent and fast. More silent than the SWD motor in either my 12-60 or 50-200, which is possibly why the SWD motors will probably never get optimized for micro 4/3rd's. This internal focus action they have come up with seems pretty darn nice. The manual focus action compared to the DSLR version of the 40-150 seems "shorter". I'll check it out closer this evening, but the distance you have to turn the manual focus ring to achieve focus compared to the 4/3rd's 40-150 seems shorter, which is much better.

The four images I fired off just checking it out, including a couple up close at 150mm, look really sharp.

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