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M-JPEG can be used -- and -- it is FREE in all MAGIX video editing software, but it is given a Magix file extension: .MXV. The .MXV file extension can only be used within Magix programs, but it is, in fact, M-JPEG compression. I asked Magix about that directly and that was their response. So all Magix programs give the user the option to use M-JPEG compression within the .MXV container.

The problem with M-JPEG compression is that it is not "lossless."

It does make editing easier; however, the Cineform compression is WAVELET and is visually "lossless." That's the advantage of Cineform compression.

As for the Cineform Web site "virus" messages... I know they've been hosted by Network Solutions. If there are any "real" threats there, then they're probably on the server side and Network Solutions will need to deal with it.

But again, I don't know why anybody would pay full price by buying directly from Cineform anyway when a $30 discount is immediately available via
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