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The price of the Mac has always been greater than the PC. And a Ferrari has always cost more than a Volkswagen. Apple has always kept control over the construction of their machines and dont let anyone just pick off any shelf any piece that will do the job. The thing that does tick me off about the Mac is their lack of service centers. The lack of available software dealers (other than internet purchases). There is only one source to purchase a Mac in my area -- Best Buy/Future Shop. There are a very few other dealers in the downtown Toronto area. But all inconvient for me to get to. But from past experience, once the purchase is made, Im confident I wont need the service center any time soon. After I got my Mac Mini, it was up and running within 3 minutes of plugging it in. I didnt need a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, or camera so the price of the computer itself was slightly more expensive than a PC. If you need the peripherals then it does get expensive. But how much is it worth for peace of mind? Losing work or important files from break down has a value. Sending the computer to the fixit shop has a value. All the down time has a value. Better to have put it on a good quality reliable machine in the first place. My first Apple was an Apple II+. I have a Performa 5200, an iMac, and the Mac Mini. All in good operating condition. They just outlived their usefulness because of the technology at the time they were built. My Macbook Laptop died from an electrical overload which was my fault for not hooking it up to a circuit breaker box. But I plan on getting it fixed. I do believe that Mac owners really do like their machines.
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