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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
Nah.. I just don't like paying more to get a machine.

Apple hardware tends to cost more versus other alternatives. ...
Originally Posted by VTphotog View Post
... Of course, I could spend a couple grand on a mac instead, yah? And buy software to replace everything I have accumulated (mostly free) for the PC.
I grant that Apple is not the cheapest option. But the entry point is not "a couple grand":

Even the low end Mini has a Core 2 Duo processor, decent graphics (GeForce 320M) and a nice package of other features (DVD burner, WIFI, bluetooth, IR, etc). The machine is TINY, SILENT, and stylish (high spousal approval factor!). It comes with a bunch of USEFUL software: including iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD as well as Mail, Safari, GarageBand, etc. U$699.

You'll want to add more storage space: I use an external Firewire drive enclosure. USB works fine, but slower. A gigabit NAS is also a good option. Your favourite monitor, mouse, keyboard and printer will work fine.

Nowadays, the gigahertz race is meaningless for most home users. My 1.7 GHz Mini never takes more than a second or two to apply any photo editing operation. Importing photos is by far the slowest operation and that isn't going to improve until both computers and cameras move to a faster interface system. The value in a computer isn't determined just by the speed of the processor.

If you're buying a lens for your DSLR, do you buy the cheapest glass you can find? Come to think of it, you can get an X megapixel Blahblah from TigerDirect for $69--why do you 'need' a DSLR anyway? They both take pictures, right?

Can we ease off on the (generic, unsubstantiated) Apple bashing? Otherwise, we should give the Lecia folks free reign to thumb their noses at all other camera owners, right?

BTW, I'm not a died-in-the-wool Apple fanatic. I dearly wish that they'd add a mini-tower style machine positioned between the Mini and the Mac Pro. Something with two hard drive slots and room for 2-3 expansion cards. His Steveness, however, has ordained that it shall not be.

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