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That article sums it up nicely.
I thought it hit the nail on the head ...

But I do recommend staying away from Safari, it's very insecure and quite buggy still. Even chrome is better.
I'm unaware of any security issues for Safari, I suppose this could be more of an issue for the Windows version, Chrome is good but I finding myself leaning towards Opera again..

their shiny LCD monitors suck for color accuracy big time.
Apple makes the claim that a vast majority of users prefer the glossy screen over the matte,
what Apple is over looking is that the vast majority do not work on color sensitive material.
Considering that the glass screen simply pulls off with suction cups, one would think Apple would give the option for gloss or matte.

I have read that some people put a matte film over the glossy screen however this is not recommended for color accuracy . the only real solutions is to replace the glossy glass with museum grade glass or, as I did and most others go with dual monitors and keep your project on the second monitor, not to mention the extra screen real-estate is nice ..

What it comes down to is what a computer can do for you, and the way it can do it.
Very well said , my wife has always been a diehard Windows user. Although I cant help recall a day she said to me " I like my PC better than your Mac after you fix it for me " The only comment I had was for her to think of the irony of what she just said ...

Apple hardware tends to cost more versus other alternatives.
True however this stands true for any quality product . The question one must ask is how often are you replacing the parts ? If one is looking for reliability this comes with a price.

I also haven't encountered the problems everyone seems to harp on about instability, poor reliability etc of Windows.
I personally experienced very little problems using Windows based PC but then again I know my way around the machine and understand the maintenance of maintaining it,
I would think that anybody who has both Mac and PC as I do would strongly agree that the up-keep of Mac OS over WIndows OS, that the up-keep of WIndows is by far greater ...

I hear frequently from my wife, my computer seems to be running slower and slower...
I clean it up and she is back in business , my Mac on the other hand just keeps moving on as always ...
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