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Default Hmmm...maybe I got lucky

Thanks for the warning. I'll heed it for the future.

The good news is I got the camera in good order. I checked my credit card and they only charged what I expected so no overcharge.

That's the good...

However, I will also say that they did try to sell me more of things I did not need. They had me call them to confirm the order (only to get me on the phone I'm sure) and the tried to sell me tripods, memory cards, more lenses, etc.. Said no to all and eventually he gave up. It took awhile for the item to ship but when it did I got it in two days (free UPS 6-9 day ground shipping).

I will keep an eye on my CC for awhile to make sure nothing gets added later but for now, I seem to be OK. Maybe I'm a lucky one...
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