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HI Harriet,

Nice report!

You guys out in CA are lucky, the camera mfgs seem to favor the coasts for public shows like this, but I guess they are the best places to hold such things. I think that they would probably get a good response if they held a big show in Chicago, but they'd probably do it in a downtown location, and going into the city is a major pain for me. . .

I actually had a K-5 in the shopping cart from B&H Friday when they lowered their price to $1485 with free shipping, but I have a rule about thinking about a major purchase for at least 24 hours, and I hate buying something online either Fri or over the weekend because it stretches the wait for shipping out at least an extra day. . . the latter is an admittedly stupid attitude, but holding off on the purchase of a big ticket item usually pays off. A major vendor like B&H should set the "street" price, and most of the other online dealers should follow suit and start discounting from there. . .

Although I think that Pentax's pricing strategy for the K-5 is sound, I'm going to wait for some further discounting to buy one this time. I'd like to see a repeat of the 3 yr Pentax warranty being included in a discounted price. The two year extension with a free tune up is available from Pentax for just under $100 for this model. It's one of the few extended warranties that I actually think is worthwhile. . .

I think with the no sales tax deal, I probably would have walked out with a new body, but I've already got the money set aside. . . on second thought, it's probably a good thing they don't have shows like that here. . .

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