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that is a miss leading photo. There is a strong light letting the camera shoot at lower iso.

If you are going to be in a club for your music, you will need something that preforms well at 1600iso. There s95 or the lx5, Lx3 are good at 1600iso, but it does not match the results or m4/3 or aps-c at 1600iso.

The sony nex5 or epl-1 would be a good choice. The epl-1 with the panasonic 20mm 1.7 at 1600iso or the sony nex 5 with the 16mm 2.8 at 3200iso are very evenly match. You make up the 1 stop of iso at 3200 that the sony has with 1 stop of aperture that the 20mm 1.7 has.

I would go with the epl1 with the panny lens, giving it image stabilization and much sharper images. That you do not get with the sony.
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