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Having now processed my first RAW images (taken on a walk Hawes - Hardraw - Sedbusk in the Yorkshire Dales) I have to say I am impressed by the A2, though I still don't quite understand the Viewer software and haven't mastered all the button/ wheel options. Image quality is high; the EVF a revelation (no pun intended); buttons and wheels are much more convenient than on-screen menues. It copes well with high contrast subjects (no purple fringing). Focussing is very fast . Battery life exceptional.

The auto-switching from monitor to EVF is somehow disconcerting, but better than fiddling with buttons. Compared to my Olympus 100RS, the A2 is less manageable when carrying a walking pole - for you need two hands as zooming is a left-hand thing while shooting is a right-hand thing.

I found the relative slowness of transfer of the image to the card was mitigated by the large buffer which allows three immediate shots in RAW - but I still have to be careful not to switch off before transfer is complete. You certainly need as large and fast a CF card as you can afford.

On the topic of zoom, I don't think its use is restricted to "close-ups". I take a lot of landscape photographs and also portraits; for both the zoom is a useful means of in-camera framing, particularly as the image stabilisation removes camera shake.
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