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Originally Posted by Lilacfire View Post
Interesting so I can't even post proof to support my statement and the fanboys get their way?

Its fine really, I just tried to help but the OP will be the loser here, not me.
Fanboy? I think one should look at themselves before throwing around terms like that.

The people with whom you are referring to have a long posting history here, and if you look into that, you will find that term not to hold any water. I can speak for myself that I make my suggestions based off the information in the post, not any brand loyalty, I personally could care less what brand they buy, it impacts me all of zero, I just want them to have the information to get the tool they need. But I will challenge blanket statements that are simply not true. And cherry-picking images and posting illegally as "proof" of your statements is not good evidence, nor helpful at all. Before you arrogantly surmise that you are the only one helping the OP and the rest of us are getting in the way, think about it.
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