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I shoot a evf camera, and I can tell you for a fact, it does draw more then a ovf dslr. So that is why I have 4 batteries for my olympus epl-1 as it eats battery more when using the evf.

Yes the canon in no where near the pentax, but the sony will not get to 450 no matter what you do. And that is over 1/4 less shooting then the canon.

Originally Posted by JimC View Post
Sure it does, and your results don't surprise me too much, as the T1i only has a CIPA rating of 400 shots using the optical viewfinder (not much better than the A55 you're criticizing for power consumption), and it's CIPA rating with the LCD is only 170 photos.

So, your results getting 750 photos photos sounds about right from it in real world conditons. It doesn't exactly have the highest capacity battery around either (it's worse than most cameras in it's class). ;-)
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