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I disagree, and I've used some of the newer Sony models. Have you? ;-)

CIPA ratings are very stringent and tend to represent "worst case" conditions (which is why you can get 750 photos from your T1i, when it CIPA ratings say it's good for 400 when using the optical viewfinder; and is why I can get in excess of 750 photos with 82% battery life remaining with a Sony NEX-5, using *only* the LCD for framing (since that model doesn't even have an optical viewfinder).

Don't believe everything your read. Try the cameras yourself (as I typically do for weeks at a time with newer Sony models) before passing judgment.

Newer models tend to be more power efficient than meets the eye if you're not using them in a way the CIPA ratings test them (focusing from near to infinity every shot, using the flash 50% of the time, etc.).
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