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Default 30fps 4MP camcorders - Ambarella a7 chip.


Being meaning to post this for nearly two months.

Amabrella has released their latest codec chip in the range normally used in most of the cameras here.

Have not read it for a while but promised bigger stills, ability to pull more off the chip faster, and 4mp resolution SHD video at 30fps. Note that this is equivalent to 1080p60 fullhd. On a sad note, their is still on most of the world compliant 25p and 50p modes mentioned, for better use of bandwidth for compression, and better display on 50i television etc. It also equals 1080p30 in 3D.

It is about this time of year, Sanyo usually has already released their new version in the HD1000/2000 series in Japan, and reviewed at zooma. I wonder if we will see a HD3000 or 4000 3D? With the takeover by Panasonic, this might not happen, or it might go to the January release date. It is a shame that Kodak did not have this chip and feature in their zi10, but they are not as high up as Sanyo.

Notice that the chip can do 500mp input, which is roughly equal to 250fps fullhd. If you had a sensor that could output that frame rate then you would have little rolling shutter. It is unlikely it can record anything like this to video though, as compression takes up much more processing power.


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