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Paul, thanks buddy. Yeah I know maybe a bit to dark. Yeah a HDR photo would look good, the pic was much darker in the begining but I played around a bit with the settings in CS5. I think also that the pics would look good in B&W. Gonna try that out aswell. But since I'm travelling alot right now. I don't really have the time to work with the pics to long =(

Yeah sorry about that, of course I ment Jungle, just that english is my 3rd language, so I mix the words up sometimes. And yes, I also speek hungarian and swedish =)

Lisa, thank you! I see what you mean. Unfortinatly we were not there to take pics that day, so couldn't really know how the sun would be at that time, neither did I know that there would be some nice spots to take photos on. Just captured the moment
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