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Now it's getting interesting about that last one. I still can't decide - sometimes I look at it and like it, other times I don't. It does have a wood-cutter type look (I was thinking something similar when I came up with it). It's actually a blend of two layers - one "natural" and one with the Topaz Labs stylistic effect (which I thought was interesting, but too over-the-top. And I did cheat - while it's pretty representative of the national forest around here, it's actually my backyard (which if you are being polite can be described as "natural" - or rather, ignored. Gardening is knocking down the weeds/wild grass that attempts to grow under the pinon pines a couple of times a year).

P.S. Les - My hubby says he doesn't miss Manitoba winters at all. He much prefers our days that often get up to the 50s and 60s and where the snow melts before it gets that dirty grey look to it.

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