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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
He grew up mostly in Flin Flon, had family in Minnedosa. He says at the time he was growing up, Flin Flon was about the end of the road, not much beyond it. While I've been to Winnepeg and driven Hwy 16 across to where his family lives now (near Terrace, B.C. - what beautiful country around there!), I haven't been further north in Manitoba. Would love to explore the region sometime - in summer, that is...

I've always loved the name and the story behind how Flin Flon got it's name... also ....lot's of opportunity for fishing and photographs.

Minnedosa is a lovely town, close to Riding Mountain National Park. Some of my wife's family came from Minnedosa.

I've only been to Northern Manitoba twice. Once January... was about 20 below....not too bad...the other time in was about 75 + F....very nice temp.

During the summer visit , we flew by Bush Plane with floats, to an isolated lake that my wife's Grandfather, an early Bush pilot, had landed (Bush plane with skis- winter) in 1931.

It was isolated (splendid isolation ), very blue water, quite beautiful and fishing apparently was astounding (I didn't have my fishing rod with me), very quiet.

As your husband has probably told you Manitoba has a wide range of topography ranging from Canadian Shield, Boreal forest, flat to rolling prairies and of course as our license plates proclaim...100,000 lakes.

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