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Thank you Torgny for always I'm encourage by good, bad, indifferent or all of the above comments. Thanks as well for taking the time to find that informative article....interesting read.

Torgny, I have to ask what any of us photographers or 'deceptive manipulators' have to do to an image to earn your harsh critique or statements such as your "1, 2, and 3" examples above? What exactly in my photos draws you to believe I posted "illusions, deceptive appearances, changed the scene or created optical illusions"?

Once a photographer takes a long exposure, he or she has just created an image that doesn't exist with what was seen by the naked eye. Then add to that some contrast, sharpening, maybe some duo tones and a little vibrance and you come in with such damming remarks like you've been appointed to keep watch or something.

The comments above posted by Torngy are not just for me but everyone else on this forum or site that makes or has made a long exposure or uses some tools in pp to make their photos better.

Am I wrong or out of place for saying this?

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