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Originally Posted by frank-in-toronto View Post
Panasonic says no. from

Compatible memory cards (sold separately)
The following SD standard-based cards (Panasonic brand recommended)
• SD memory cards (8 MB - 2 GB)
• SDHC memory cards (4 GB - 32 GB)
Can only be used with devices compatible with SDHC
memory cards. (Always read your device’s operating
instructions before proceeding)
• Cards of over 4 GB may only be used if they have the SDHC logo.
Please reformat the card with this camera if it has already
been formatted with a computer or another device. (P.26)
If the switch on the card is set to ‘LOCK’, operations such as
formatting, recording, and deleting cannot be performed.
MultiMediaCards may also be used (for pictures only)
Thank you all for the reply, and I did check this out my self, and I think in the future neither my wife, or self will be buying the SDXC cards!

For the most part, they cost more then the camera!

My DMC-ZS3 highest res is 10MP, and an empy 4GB card gives me over 1700 high quality(fine) shots on one card.

Her new camera, only at 14MP with the same card gives her only over 700 shots!

Gee, I grew up with Kodak film 35mm SLR cameras that for the most part could only use a 36 exposure roll of film!

So what I'm trying to say, is let the early adopters spend their money on these cards! $200>400 bucks!
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