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Thanks Hanalwala, Mark, Timinator and SharpShotGal for swinging by.

Mark, it feels good knowing that my photos inspire and as far as pp goes for me, I'm going to present what is pleasing to me. I would have gone stale and died a long time ago if I couldn't express my self with my "art" or photographic vision....if that causes some to react by calling me deceptive or a fraud because I changed the scene by long exposure or used duo tone, enhanced vibrance, or did some contrast adjustments then so be least I'm not satisfied with "plain".

Went down this afternoon to Vistek Camera and Photo Lab in Calgary to have the photo of the church with the light beams printed and as soon as the photo manager saw it on the large screen iMac, he came alive with such excitement jumping off his chair then pointed to a large print high on the wall that is front and centre in the store said it was coming down and a large plaque of the church will replace it....then pausing for a moment from his excitement, asked me if that would be ok?? OF COURSE! I said.

When it gets hung I will take a photograph of it and post it here.

Have a listen and watch this song that has an incredible message. It's about coming out of your shell, showing others who you are and being all you can be by expressing your talents or in this forum, through photography, is my hope for everyone. Challenge yourselves to be amazing...try the impossible,...beat the odds overcome your limitations and don't settle for PLAIN, what do you have to loose?


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