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Originally Posted by mtnman View Post
Mike, that is a really phenomenal shot! Your focus was as good as could be, and the light trails are amazing.
Thanks mtnman, I was pretty happy with how the shot came out considering the conditions I had to deal with.

Originally Posted by Trojansoc View Post
Sensational shot! Timing, focus, exposure, all are spot-on.

I keep looking at this photo. Am I correct in saying that there are actually two different muskets firing, one slightly out of sync with the other--the breech flash coming from the front musket and the muzzle flame from one that had fired a split second earlier a few feet back from the first?

Congratulations...this one belongs on a wall.

Thanks Paul, the shutter speed of the shot was 1/5s and I'm pretty sure that due to that slow speed it caught both the breech flash and the muzzle flame from the same musket. They were firing off shots from the nearest soldier down the line and ending with a cannon shot. 1/5s might not seem like a lot but it must have been enough.

Originally Posted by Hawgwild View Post
Nice shot! No pun intended!
Thanks Hawgwild!
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