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Good Morning Ronnie,

I have read over on the Pentax Forums that Pentax has acknowledged the stains, and will repair / replace the camera. So, I think that you can make a determination to either swap the camera with the retailer or send it to Pentax for repair. Here is a thread on the topic.....
Another thread over at PF has a survey on how many camera bodies have the stain problem vs the ones that do not. Interesting numbers. Of the folks who have indicated, its running 55% with folks reporting stains - with 260 users reporting.
Jump down to post #362 (page 25), which has a response attributed to Pentax...
"If you purchased the camera from a Pentax online dealer, and until we find out which batch(es) are affected by the stains, we recommend keeping the camera and not exchanging them for another unit. Once we fully understand the origin of the stains and how to deal with them we will be encouraging affected K-5 owners to send in their cameras for warranty repair."
On the bright side of thinking, if Pentax repairs the stain sensors (actually the AA filter or the glass covering the sensor (from Hoya?) from what I have read), I am wondering if Pentax will have a lot of refurbished K5 bodies to sell at a discount? In a way for Pentax - that would be too bad with such a tremendous body, however if this does occur, it may be just a wonder potential acquisition route.

There is more on this at this link - including a statement from Ned Bunnell Pentax USA...
Anyway, over at PF there is a very active area just dedicated to just the K5.
Its a shame that for everything that they have done well on the K5 that this problem crops up. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. On a unit swap with the retailer, I can only wonder about the problem on the bodies in the supply chain and what the serial numbers are where the problem was recognized in the factory.

... hopes that helps ....

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