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That Canon lens, the 100mm f2.8 Macro, is the one I intend to get soon. I've been looking for a lens that will do good macro and be useful for other things, and for me this is it. The 100mm is about right for portraiture on my FF camera. Minimum focussing distance is about a foot which should obviate any lighting issues when using it for macro.

I used to use a Tamron SP 70-210 lens that focussed smoothly down to 1:2. That was an extremely useful lens - a great shame no-one seems to make anything like it nowadays. The current Tamron 70-300, the cheaper non-stabilised one (there are two), does have a macro range giving 1:2, but it doesn't focus smoothly down to it - you have to throw a "macro" switch. Still, it's very cheap and quite tempting anyway.
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