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1080i is designed for CRTs (the 'i" stands for "interlaced"). For modern screens you want 1080p (or more likely 720p).

My experiences with Sony are exactly the same as yours, though I've had more Sony items than you've had, optical and others, and Sony durability and service has been appalling on all of them. How about a $4k DAT recorder that failed after 30 months, and Sony said "throw it away and buy another, we don't repair them". Cute products often with leading-edge design but which in my experience rarely last much longer than the warranty.

Canon are another matter altogether. They have repaired several cameras of mine which were years out of warranty, in every case without complaint and free. Ironically the part that failed was the Sony-made sensor, but Sony wouldn't repair their own cameras with that component once they were out of warranty.

I'll never touch any Sony product again. But I will happily buy Canon.
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