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Originally Posted by nhmom View Post
So, the pin I need to remove is at the 7 o'clock position in the last image? Is that right? I just did some searches and am not having any luck finding a link that works to tell how to fix this. I did find one, but the lens does not look like mine.

So, no comments on the lenses? Are these junk lenses?
Yes, the pin at 7 o'clock is the one. The Sigma should be a decent lens, but all these are "consumer grade" lenses. Rokina's lenses were widely sold, but not expensive - you'll just have to try it to see - it looks like a nice, compact lens for a 2.8. Gemini looks like an importer/retailer's label or a house brand - I don't think I haver heard about it. Where's Big Dawg when we need him?
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