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You're not shooting action so the benefit of the Canon system is not an issue. You don't care about video so the benefit of the t2i over t1i is not an issue. There are going to be minor pluses/minus' of the KX vs. T1i but they're minor. Handle both cameras and let ergonomics be the deciding factor. Truth is a lot of entry and mid level cameras from all manufacturers are on par. There are some generalities about the various systems:

Pentax has built-in anti-shake. canon is in the lens - but the kit lens comes with IS and if you're second lens is the 55-250 (and not the 75-300 which is a poor lens) then you've got IS in it too. The in-body anti-shake becomes a bonus then for more specialized shooting.
Pentax also has some great small prime lenses
If you don't mind manual focus and potentially manual aperture then you can get some old but decent lenses on the used market for pentax.
At the higher end (not K-X), the pentax cameras are weather sealed and so are several consumer lenses (in canon you have to buy professional grade lenses to get weather sealing).

Canon has a larger selection of modern auto-focus lenses. Pentax has a lot - especially for the average consumer/hobbyist - the biggest advantage in Canon is at the telephoto end of the spectrum.
Canon has a better focus system (both in body and lens motor) for action shooting but if you're not doing that, don't worry about it.
Canon has full-frame offering if that's important for your future. But if you don't care about full frame benefits - especially given the additional cost associated, don't let this be a factor.
Canon has a better implementation of TTL flash

I think those are the basic system differences. If none of those sound critical to you then decide based on ergonomics.
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