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Default Starting to get into photography, confused on brand

Hey guys,

I've read a LOT of good things from respective owners of both Canon and Nikon camera's/lenses. It's actually a bit overwhelming. Before now, I have only been a point and shoot camera user and I would like to take up photography as a hobby, not necessarily to make any money with, just to have really good photos that will last my wife and I a long time for memories.

I will be going to Europe in May as well as thinking about having a kid soon, so I have been wanting to get into an SLR for awhile and researching. I am interested in taking landscape shots, indoor photos, some night shots, portraits and really having fun and trying to learn as much as I can and improving over time. Also, I would like to be able to take short video clips as needed as well in HD, and all the cameras I'm looking at seem capable of that - I would say maybe 5% video to 95% photos.

Anyway, I think I have narrowed my choices down to Nikon d7000, Canon 60d (though everything points to Nikon being better), and Canon 7d (this one would be a stretch though as it's just slightly beyond what I want to spend at this time). The main dilemma I have right now is when you pick a camera, you are essentially marrying that company for their lenses. While the d7000 imo seems like the best bang for the buck at the image quality I would like, I have heard that Nikon lenses can tend to be more pricey? And if someday I would eventually like to get an ok telephoto lens for shooting birds or something, that could be a significant amount of money, correct?

So I'm wondering if anyone has any unbiased opinions or people that have used both Canon and Nikon, if you were an amateur and starting over, would you recommend someone go Canon or Nikon at this point? My co-workers use Nikon and love it and say it's better for low light and like their lenses better. My in-laws use entry-level Canon slr's.

So with all that said - I think I like the Nikon camera the best, but I should probably go by which lens company would be best for me to build on slowly. If I had to pick one thing I would like the most or that intrigues me the most, I would say indoor shots and good low light shots.

tl;dr - I am having a tough time choosing Canon or Nikon. I'm just starting out in photography and plan to maybe be semi-pro but not a pro that sells pictures, I just want to play as a hobby and take really good photos that will last me a long time for memories. If you were starting out right now, would you go Canon or Nikon at this point?
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