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Greta story well told! Now if I was your neighbour I would be looking at getting a front fork ski for that and back trax to take out the possiabilies of making to much of a cookie maker. As for the white spots ya lucky we have the most weirdest freeze up here... I took my son to school this morn and thankful I pulled the van under the car cover to save time for scrapping the minutes away.. on my way home in the drive I seen why I am so cold the whole side of the ice I noticed in the lights of the van was frozen... up on the top in the crawl space as well was iced so I know its not from having to much in my closets or up against the walls... I live in a Modular and we found out the insulation is no thick enough for this stuff... and if I am right of the direction of shift then we best look at building a warmer house soon... or we might freeze to death by next year.... Brrr I feel close top that right now.......
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