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Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post
Based on your single line of your kinds of photography, I am thinking that a DSLR camera might be the better solution.

Perhaps, if you could add some more detail about your own photo experience, and your zoom requirements, especially regarding sports photography, that above suggestion will change, but based on your currently provided information, the DSLR option seems to be better adapted to your needs.

Sarah Joyce
Thanks Dear sarah, i am complete newbie, i have been using ps cameras till now, but i am working to get good photos as, i am not at all satisfied what ps camera provides, i am learning from your guide as well, find that very useful, so i want a camera which will help me & let me experiment but not ruin the shot as well, i am not having enough money & expertise of dslr, so currently considering this new bridge cameras, as a complete novice, i dont even understand many things u people says, but hey i am learning.. so please do give me input, though these cameras cost has spreaded between 235 to 350 pounds, i am happy with camera which will at least dont let me down on technology front, for at least1-2 years.

Originally Posted by robbo View Post
I recommend the Panasonic FZ35/38 if you can find one as it will probably be better in low light. If you can't find one, try the FZ40/45.

The HS10 does have a nice burst mode and a manual zoom ring and full HD video. However, some people complain that it has a long lag between shots and inconsistent picture quality at higher ISO's.

I have the SX30IS and like it, but it is not the sports fan's dream camera. It has tremendous range, but doesn't focus fast, doesn't have a fast burst mode for multiple shots, and doesn't have good image quality above ISO 200. It is good for distant shots in daylight. It is not bad at indoor flash photography.

A DSLR with a big zoom lens is going to cost you a lot more than 350 pounds, I think.

Thanks for your input, why dont u recomment fz 100 rather that fz38/45, i understand that main diff betn fz45 & 100 is between sensor, so which sensor is better CMOS or CCD, whats the jello effect of cmos, i am sorry i am asking so many questions
but ur input is very important as end user..
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