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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
One way to research what you think you might like to have, is to look at the forums here on Steve's as well as photo storage/sharing sights such as

As an example, I store my photos on There, I can browse photos done by others in any number of ways. you can run searches for the type of photography you enjoy, then look at the images and the EXIF data. That will tell you the camera, type of lens used and the settings the photographer used to get the shot. It's a great way to learn as well as determine the kind of lens that may interest you.


That is cool. I didn't know the information was on there. I have been looking at all the macro photos posted here and reading through the threads to see if they posted what camera and lens set up they used but a sight full of photo's with the information will be perfect. Thanks, AGAIN, Zig. You've been a huge help.

TCav, that answered my next question, thanks. What size lens for "animate subjects" and for the "inanimate"? This talk of "mm" has me lost.
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