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Default Best picture for less than $400?

Hi, all. I'm looking for a camera which takes pics that are not all distorted with noise when viewing at full size. I bought the Kodak Zi8 in November and have to say that when you're viewing the pics at full size, they look horrible. I wish I'd seen Steve's review before I bought it - you can see a good example of how noisy the Kodak Zi8 is on the cannon and flagpole shot on the sample photos page.

I got my wife a Canon SD1400 IS and I am very impressed with the pic quality but am wondering if there is an even better camera around the same price ($200) or less than $400, which isn't quite so tiny.

What I'm looking for -
- great pic quality with little noise at full size
- takes great indoor shots with low light
- takes decent to good video, though not the prime need for this cam
- uses SD cards
- prefer to use AA batteries, but if the camera is awesome, I'll accept another.

If you can show examples of a full-size photo or point to a review here that has full-size ones available, even more awesome.

Thank you for your time and wisdom.
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