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Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
Thats great Daniel, you should consider yourself extremely talented for having been able to do what professionals cannot and have single handedly undermined the entire pro body industry. Please publish how to do this for the rest of us challanged people so we can get a better hit rate and sell off our expensive pro bodies for the Rebel lineup. No sense in wasting money on an xxD or better as the xxD and the xxxD have the same AF system and the T2i produces better images than the 50D IMO. Im sure SI will be happy to hear the news, they will save a ton in camera gear.
Hey, this thread wasnīt about any "PRO". Itīs about a parent who wants to shoot his sonīs basketball games. And for that I donīt think he will concider a pro body. I mean, he even thinks that a 7D is a bit overkill for what he shoots.
And if you are a pro, then you know you could get a pretty good hit rate with even a 50D. I donīt have to tell you. That said, and as I said before, there is always gonna be better cameras. And I have never said a pro should get a rebel or something. A pro body is of course better in every way.
The hit rate isnīt the only reason a pro would want a pro body though. Right!
Iīve never said that a rebel is better than a pro body. But what I said is that I manage to shoot sports and action with a 50D and with a Nikon D5000. And I know a lot of people who do. Maybe you donīt, but I do.

Chill out a bit. Everybody isnīt a "Pro" photographer and have the needs of a pro.

Best regards/Daniel
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