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Originally Posted by eysha View Post
Very nice shots. Do you always use M mode? Why did you have your settings as +1for noise then reduce it in elements?
I almost always use either M or S mode with the TCON-17 as I want a fast shutter speed. M with preset ISO if conditions are steady, otherwise S so that I can have an Auto ISO setting and use Plus or Minus One for exposure compensation, since Auto ISO in manual does not always do the scene to my liking.

It is not +1 for noise but for Noise Reduction. And I use the plug-in on almost every shot. I usually have the settings turned down though and use it for the subtle sharpening as much as for the noise reduction.

Originally Posted by Wes James View Post
Those eyes are amazing!!!
I'm not used to seeing an Olympus lens mated to a Fuji camera... I assume it's just a matter of the correct adaptor rings??? Or does it mate up directly to the camera??

Wes, the FZ35 is a Panasonic, not a Fuji. I did not put the brand in the earlier post because this is the Panasonic section of the forum. Sorry. As to adapter: you need one. Either the Panasonic LA-3 (I think it is) or something else. In my case I have some put together stuff I got when the FZ18 first came out and there was a shortage of Panasonic adapters. What I use is as a 55.8mm to 55mm step-ring, a one inch 55mm spacer, and a regular 55mm spacer, which is like a filter with no glass. The first two allow the TCON-17 to be used, the last one allows me to keep a filter on the camera lens while using the TCON-17, which is a must as I quite often will unscrew the TCON-17 and shove it in a pocket and have a camera with no lens cover, and am not a fan of scratching my lens. I treat my camera rather roughly sometimes.

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