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G'day all

Just come across this forum & this is first post
I realise that I am responding to a 1-year old post, but maybe there are others like me who are searching for info & answers

I also use the SF4000 slave flashes for semi-serious home studio stuff

For JimC - the flash is both a regular hot-shoe flash & a slave flash
The hot-shoe is a single-terminal type ... ie: no eTTL contacts

The mode switch is either 'normal' mode or 'slave' mode, and the Slave mode has a 4-position slider switch for selecting various options from a multi-flash primary trigger

My Panasonic shoots 2, sometimes 3 flashes [depending on red-eye settings] & all too fast for the eye to see and the SF4000 mode switch is moved sideways till it "gets into sync" with the main exposure flash

As to batteries & voltages - others have alluded to 4x1.2volts versus 4x1.5 volts as an issue - and the fact that AA batteries lose their punch all too quickly

For chirantha7777 - I have made up a 6volt torch attachment which gives me hundreds of flashes all at <4seconds recharge time. Here is a DIY look at the project if it will help anyone

Regards, Phil
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