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Default Kodak Hidden Menus Listing - All models

Here's a severely needed thread, a listing/confirmation of all the hidden menus for Kodak digitals. (Enabling RAW, color combinations, shot counter, etc)

If you know of one or can validate one, please post so.

Kodak C330, C530, C613, C713, & M753
  • Menu - setup menu - about -
  • hold "delete" button and "right" button, enter the hidden menu.
  • total info: CS=shutter count, CF=flash count, cp=power on/off count, and many else.
  • YRGB set to "on" can activate RAW mode.
  • C713 has a similar option for YRGB.
Kodak DX7590
  • press the menu button
  • scroll to "Setup Menu" and select it
  • scroll to "About" --- now STOP there
  • press and hold the "delete" button, then press the joy stick to select the "About" (you need to press and hold the "delete" button while selecting the "About").
Kodak Z915
  • If you hold delete while selecting About, you do get hidden information : IS version, power-on count, flash count, shooting count and serial number. No RAW unfortunately...
Kodak ZX3

How to get to hidden service menu:
  • Hold down top and bottom of the 4 left side buttons and center button of wheel.
  • While holding them down, push power botton.
Kodak Zi6

How to get to service menu:
  • Hold stop and play buttons down.
  • While holding the down, push power button.

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