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Default Which camera should I get and why?

i'm a beginner, wants full manual control, image quality is most important and 10x zoom might be fun.

a80+256   = 3830
s50+256   = 4306
c-765+256 = 4654
s50+1gb   = 4773
s1+256    = 4929
s7000+256 cf = 5389
s7000+256 xd = 5753
Swedish prices. I suppose s50 with 1GB microdrive is better choice than a80. C-765 seems to be better than the s1 if you only look at lcd, mp, speed and so on, the objective MIGHT be better aswell. I've compared images of the c-750 and a80 and I think the c-750 has a little more detail, however on someones hair you could see each hair straw on the a80 but it was just a bunch of brown on the c-750. xd-cards are expensive so I can get the s1 for almost the same price, which got image stabilizer, better movie mode, movable lcd and so on... to bad it lacks the af illuminator of the s50 (dunno about the c-765). s7000 seems to be much camera for the price but I don't like the test images.

So, where do I go?
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