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Joe Thanks for the Info I love The pictures you posted today the FZ100 works well in your hands. My problem with the FZ100 right now is the lack of sunlight and when I do have sunlight like today I had to work but it was also -8 deg fahrenheit. A little to cold to take a steady shot.
Everytime I think about investing into A DSLR Like Pentax K-X I see shots like yours or LTZ740 and some others. Those are shots I would like. Bright , crisp, clear ,colorful.
It seems most of the time my shots are at night and indoors.

I have the FZ20 with a Sunpak 383 external flash which helped my photos alot. Although I would take a few shot moving the head around to get the light I wanted as it is mostly guessing for me.

Thanks DDand B
I'm glad it is working out for you I should have mine by the end of the week.

My wife asked me to take pictures at fund rasing event, I told here I really didn't want to as I'm not a photographer.
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