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Default Is there more than 1 kind of XD card for Olympus SLR's?

Do all Olympus XD cards fit all the eVolt cameras?

I just bought an Olympus e-510, supposedly a factory refurb in "perfect" working order. Didn't include a card, so I ordered one. Came and it won't snap into place in the card slot. Seller claims it was working when he shipped it. I've checked the documentation with the camera, Olympus online documentation, etc., and it looks like I do have the right card. It is an Olympus XD M+, 1 GB capacity. The card is undamaged. All I'm left with is that the locking mechanism in the camera is bad. Or, do I have the wrong card?

Has anyone ever encountered this? Oh, and I know I'm putting it in the card slot the right way--LOL!
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