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Originally Posted by rjseeney View Post
$180 is kinda low, but getting it from a private source is taking a huge chance. I certainly wouldn't sell my D50 to finance the purchase. If you insist on getting a d100, go to a reliable source like KEH. They've got used D100's for around $235 in excellent condition.

Also, you should consider why you think you need an upgrade. And again, aside from speed, you're really gaining nothing by getting a D100. Minimum, you should look towards a D200 for an affordable pro type body, or the D80 for a more affordable consumer body.
The only reason I thought about upgrading was because of more fps. It's hard to take sequence shots of skateboarding with the d50's 2.5fps. I didn't have my mind set on the d100. Just a thought, I guess I will stick with my d50 for a little longer. Maybe eventually I will have enough money for a new d7000.
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