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Default 270 or 430 flash for Canon G 12 ?

I bought a Canon G12 a couple of weeks ago as a carry around camera.

I am thinking about getting an add on flash, probably either the Canon 270 or 430 model.

I have been a shutterbug for over 40 years, using/having slr/dslr, rangefinder 35mm, Medium Format-film.

I have flashes already...Vivitar 285 HV (had for over a quarter century) and a Pentax 360 , which I use with my Pentax DSLR system.

Canon 270 Pro's:
  • small , portable size
  • lightweight
  • doesn't overwhelm the G12, in terms of physical size

  • low power
  • can't bounce , sideways,etc.
Canon 430 Pro's:

  • powerful
  • can bounce ....move sideways

  • pricier
  • heavier

I've never used either the 270 or 430, so I don't know much about them when it comes to their abilities, etc. What I do know is based on assumptions , by looking at their spec sheets.

I'm thinking that if I buy the 270 I may regret not getting the 430 later.

What do you think ....270 or 430 and why.

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