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The Canon SX130 is a much better choice than the Fuji S1800. By and large folk who purchase the S1800 are unhappy with the image quality and quickly get rid of the camera, and/or move on to a new and different camera, loosing their investment in the S-1800.

As both camera have have about identical zooms, I am assuming that a long zoom is a requirement. The SX130 is a much more convenient size and has better ergonomics. If you can consider less zoom the possible choice will become much wider.

If the long zoom is a necessity, then spending a bit more, around $50 to $60 more than the S1800, or around $40 more than the SX130, on the Panasonic FZ35 will get you longer zoom, an EVF viewfinder, a much better camera, with even better image quality and a camera that has received numerous great reviews.

In my opinion my first choice would be the Panasonic FZ35, followed by the Canon SX130 if camera size is not an issue. If camera size is an issue, then the choice is the smaller, more compact SX130. However, do keep in mind that the SX130 does not have an EVF view finder.

I have attached Steve's Review Summary for the Panasonic FZ35. We do suggest that you read the full review.

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