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Default A couple of birds w/the Sigma 150mm f2.8

Today the Sun came out and gave me a chance to reposition the feeder and add
a different branch to my bird "stage"

The repositioning was forced by a persistent and quite athletic squirrel who finally figured out how to get at my feeder hanging from the side of the house.
Since it hangs about 14 ft above the ground, on a sheer wall, without any trees or other aids to help him gain access, I thought it was squirrel proof. He none the less got to it by jumping from above - by way of a gutter. The new position adds another 4 ft to his descent. I'm hoping that's enough. We shall see.

The by-product of this change is that, now that I'm shooting from a completely different angle, it may have solved my backlighting issue. These are a couple of more bird images taken with the Sigma 150mm f2.8. I'm growing to really enjoy using this lens as well as the images it produces.

Both shot with the E-30 mounted on a tripod. manual priority mode, AUTO ISO,AUTO WB, shutter at 1/640sec., aperture wide open at f2.8, I'm using single point center S-AF normal sensitivity, Hi Burst, spot metering. By the way, these are not cropped. And, photographing black capped chickadees, I think, will always require fill flash.


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