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Kibaris - looking at your picture in post #2 I see you have a 55mm filter screwed onto the lens hood adapter ring. Surely this is not an ideal fit (is this why you need to glue it?) - the front thread of the ring diameter is the same as the camera barrel which is 55.8mm not 55mm. I originally tried to attach a 55mm ND filter this way & was afraid it was going to crack the hood ring as it is not exact size. So I purchased the adapter for the FZ38 which steps down slightly from 55.8 to 55 to give a proper fit & for use with the Raynox & LC55 close-ups. The lens cap that came with the camera fits properly onto the attached hood ring & I tend to keep this ring permanently on the camera as it gives slightly extended protection to the lens & prevents me dinting the outer lens barrel (& possibly damaging the thread) if I knock into something.
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