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I've spent a lot of money on my system since last march. a big driving factor was i didn't want to keep producing pictures that may look ok now, but later on I'll recognize as substandard. so, good flash, better lenses. for acscoggins who is really pleased with his new pics compared to his former p&s, you might give this some thought. ask those more experienced or knowledgeable how your pics look. and listen to the answer. if these are family pics, it would be beyond sad to look back in 20 years and say 'if only I'd known".
Very good point. So, if you were me, and had a limited budget (don't want to spend more than $650 right now...can spend more on lenses and such in the future) what would you have bought? I got the Pentax k-x with two lenses (18-55 and 50-200) for $560. Should I have spent $650 on a canon or nikon with one lens, with the idea of adding more in the future? My main subjects are my kids...involved in sports, dance, plays, etc. We also do a lot of hiking, so I would take some wildlife photos, too, but only casually. I have 30 days to return my pentax. I'm open to other ideas. I do love it, but I also understand that I'm comparing apples to oranges, b/c of course it's WAY better than my p&s. Oh, one more thing, I'm a she, not a he. :-)
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