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Default Options: VHS (VCR) Tapes: (Burn to DVD).

Options: VHS (VCR) Tapes: (Burn to DVD).

There are several options available:
My costs are based, living in Ontario, Canada.

= To have it done by a professional company, using the best hardware and software.
It will cost me, for each Video tape, to DVD disk, $25 for a two (2) hour tape
and $10 per hour, for each additional hour.
I am looking at ten (x10) VHS (VCR) tapes, with 2 - 2 1/2 hours each.
This is ($'s) for an outside sourced company.
@ $250.00 minimum cost !

= Do it yourself, using the correct hardware and software.
I will require special cables, around ($25.00).
I will require a good Video Editing Software - Program, around ($50.00).
I will require extra hardware, a VHS to DVD Converter, around ($75.00).
I will require to learn how to use the software !
Once I have completed doing my transferring,
this hardware / software = useless !
@ $150.00 minimum cost !

= Do it yourself, using a "good" DVD/VHS combo player.
Why not buy a "good" DVD/VHS combo player.
Invest your ($'s) into VHS and DVD player.
A lot easier to use !
Since I have an excellent Panasonic DMR-ES30V DVD/VHS combo player.
I decided to take the easy route.
I am coping / burning my VHS to DVD.

There is "no" easy way or cheap way, to convert old to VHS (VCR) Tapes, to DVD.
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