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Default I bit the bullet - ordered FZ35

Well, I finally decided to bite the bullet, and placed an order through Amazon for the FZ35. In the end the price was just too tempting to pass up. I was going to wait for the Kodak Z990 to arrive, but who know when reviews would show up. Who knows if the reviews would be good, either. I figured by the time a review arrived for the Z990 the FZ35 may be gone. I didn't want to chance it if the reviews weren't that good, and miss out on the really good price for the FZ35.

Another thing that pushed me to the FZ35 was the battery. I just didn't like being forced to buy an OEM battery for $60. The battery is reasonable for the FZ35.

I really look forward to learning the FZ35's controls and hopefully grab a few nice pictures.
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